25 Craziest Things Found In Nature

25 Craziest Things Found In Nature

VIA “thespiritscience.net” by Renee Kirsten

Nature has some amazingly beautiful places and events that you have to check out. From blue lava to endless waves these are the 25 craziest things found in nature.

25. Living Rocks, Chile.

24. Lenticular Clouds, Mountainous Areas.

23. Red Crab Migration, Christmas Island

2221-22. Underwater Crop Circles, Japan

21. The Black Sun, Denmark

20. Cocooned trees, Pakistan

19. White rainbows

18. Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees, Australia

17. Maelstroms

16. Hair Ice

152115. Green Flash

14. The Great Blue Hole, Belize

13. The Everlasting Storm, Venezuela

12. Underwater Waterfall, Mauritius

11. Bleeding Glacier, Antarctica

1020-10. Volcanic Lightning.

9. Steam Towers, Iceland

8. Never-Ending Wave, Brasil

7. The Monarch Butterfly Migration, United States & Mexico

6. Danxia Landforms, China

5. The Flowering Desert, Chile

4204. Calcifying Lake, Tanzania

3. Horsetail Falls, California USA

2. Frost Flowers, Arctic Areas

1. Blue Lava, Indonesia

Nature never ceases to amaze!  What are your favorite parts of nature?  Let us know in the comments.

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