39 Futuristic Gadgets That Prove The Kitchen of The Future is Here

39 Futuristic Gadgets That Prove The Kitchen of The Future is Here

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1. Somabar is an app-controlled “personal bartender” that will mix up the perfect cocktail in under 5 seconds.


House parties at your place til eternity.

2. Channel your inner barista with CinniBird, a one-of-a-kind tool that allows you to doodle on food and drinks.


Write or draw using powdered cinnamon, chocolate, or other ground spices, and plate your meals like a pro.

3. Take your coffee addiction with you wherever you go with Minipresso.



Are you on top of a hill? In the middle of the desert? Sleeping in a tent in the woods? No worries, this portable espresso machine’s got you covered.

4. This magnifying spoon will make you wonder why opaque utensils never bothered you before.


Where were you, spoon, when I was looking for pork bits in my soup?

5. With Microgarden, you can now grow your own herbs. Indoors. Without having to water them.


Because of a gel component, your pet herbs will thrive even if you’re the laziest person on the planet.

6. Avoid food poisoning with Peres, an “electronic nose” that can determine the quality of meat.



Whether you’re a newbie cook, or you’re the anal type who wants only the freshest food on the table, this device is for you.

7. Top Brewer is designed to seamlessly integrate with your counter top, but gives you coffee instead of tap water.


A coffee-dispensing faucet? Don’t mind if I do.

8. Prepare the perfect toasted bread with Vision Toaster .


This device lets you see through the toaster walls. Burnt toast will now become a thing of the past.

9. Ever wish you could call your fridge in the middle of a grocery run to ask if you have enough eggs for tomorrow’s bake-off? The Egg Minder is the next best thing.


Shout out to all the frequent bakers out there. Y’all know these things are magic.

10. Psychedelic cups? Na-uh. These actually have a reflective surface that mirrors the pattern of the saucer it’s on.


No more lonely teacups!

11. Using your own body heat, this awesome knife lets you melt butter for spreading on your (perfectly toasted) bread.


Look, ma! No electricity!

12. CoverBlubber — One stretchable food cover to rule them all.


Flubber’s distant and more diligent cousin.

13. Stubborn bottle caps have met their match with the Decapitator.


It even sounds bad-ass.

14. This little rod will heat any liquid. Cold tea, coffee, or soup? They’re no match for Miito.


Very helpful for when your Incendio charm is wonky.

15. The Prep Pad: a scale and app tandem that serves as your personal nutritionist, tracking your food-related health goals.


Making your own meals from scratch just got even healthier.

16. Make breakfast cooking easy as pie with Rollie, a vertical cooking system.


Crack eggs into the cylinder and get a burrito-shaped omelette. You can also use this to make pancakes, pizza, or cinnamon rolls.

17. BKON uses negative pressure to craft artisanal tea, coffee, or cocktails.


Brews like a scientist, tastes like art. Amalgamation, anyone?

18. Ever heard of sous-vide? Me neither, but Mellow will make you feel like an expert at it.


Using your phone, you can “order” a meal even when you’re out of the house. You can even determine the exact time when it starts cooking. Did I mention it keeps your food frozen at the right temperature so it’s still fresh up until the scheduled cooking time? Yeah, I know you wanna buy it. Get in line.

19. Gosun uses solar power to cook your food.


Perfect for an environmentally friendly barbecue!

20. Verilux is a UV rechargeable sanitizing wand that will make cleaning easier and way more effective.


It’s like a lightsaber, but for germs.

21. Motion-detecting candy/cereal dispenser SnackMan makes your childhood dreams come true.


Are we in an episode of The Jetsons or what?

22. This Acacia honey dipper looks like a stainless steel, mini extraterrestrial pod.


With this tool, serving honey will make you feel like Sigourney Weaver.

23. The Sonic Decanter uses “ultrasonic energy” to make wine so much better, even experts can tell the difference.


A wine connoisseur even said it improved an $8.00 bottle of wine. It’s that good, people.

24. Someone actually made a sci-fi decanter.


What a time to be alive.

25. This pan controls its own temperature, and cooks better than you.


Stop gloating, pan.

26. The Goat Mug is designed to make sure no drop of coffee is left un-sipped.


You’re not a coffee addict unless you’re drinking from a Goat Mug… sorry.

27. We all know the arch nemesis of freshness and crunch is air. So what does storage container EVAK do? Push it all out.


Fresh food all day, errday.

28. Wanna drink beer at home that’s as foamy as a pint from the local pub? Now you can.


Oh yeah, this will definitely make all the difference.

29. Hate sharpening your knives every few weeks? How about every 25 years?


Feel like a samurai for longer. And while you’re at it, you can set a reminder on your phone for a quarter of a century.

30. The Bread Keeper keeps your bread fresher for longer.


Except if you like your bread to have a crouton texture.

31. Yes, it’s a strainer. No, it’s not a Martian’s ball sac.


Oh and it can do several things, like strain, boil, and steam your food.

32. The Fruit Iceball Maker And Water Bottle makes drinking liquids with ice fun.


Because ice ‘cubes’ are sooooo last year.

33. Motion-activated trash can opens with a wave of the hand.


Or foot. Or knee. Just depends on how flexible you are.

34. A slow cooker that can be told via smartphone when to start preparing dinner? Oh hell yes.


Get this: you could actually start cooking even when you’re in a meeting at the office. Way cool.

35. Some people are so anal, they even want their sandwiches neat. Well, then they’re gonna need Compleat.


Exciting things make people rhyme, okay?

36. This looks more like a colorful Decepticon than a knife set. And that’s what makes it so awesome.


It’s so scary. I want one.

37. Have you ever wanted to bring your tablet to the kitchen but didn’t want all that flour and oil to ruin it? Well Xperia is a tablet — that’s kitchen-proof.


Can be cleaned by rinsing = check. Can be submerged in water for up to 30 minutes = check. Can help you access recipes from the net without printing them out = big, fat, check.

38. ChillTHAT: for when you want your ice cream to remain frozen even on hot summer days.


Because who wants to eat milky chocolate soup?

39. You know you’ve arrived at the future when your coffee mug can already receive messages.


The heat from your beverage of choice activates the “e-ink” on the mug and displays whatever pictures or messages are sent to it. Who says drinking vessels can’t be sociable, too?

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