A Dog Who Attends Mass Daily! When You See Why It Will Break Your Heart.

God Love em!!

VIA “faithreel.com”, by Tabitha Khaye

In San Donaci Italy a German Shepherd named Tommy attends mass everyday. When Tommy was a stray, a kind hearted lady named Maria Lochi adopted him. Tommy would walk to church with Maria everyday and was allowed to sit at her feet during mass. When Maria died Tommy followed the mourners into the church attending her funeral, and followed behind the casket after. Since then when the bell rings signalling the beginning of mass Tommy attends mass waiting for his master to return.

Father Donato Panna the priest of the church has said Tommy attends every mass without making a sound, and that he is well behaved. After the mass he lets him out and the whole village has been feeding, and watching out for the dog. The loyalty of this animal is so bittersweet, hopefully by this time someone has adopted him and given him a home like maria did for him.


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