Silica Gel Packs – Don’t Throw Them Away!

Silica Gel Packs – Don’t Throw Them Away!

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What is the first thing that you do when you pick up that little silica packet that pops out, you toss it out right? Wait, stop, don’t do that!

They may seem useless to you, but they are meant to absorb moisture and keep things dry. Most people just throw them away, but you shouldn’t do that. Collect them, and use them for these creative things throughout your house.

Gym Bag

Stick a couple of silica packs into your gym bag to prevent the bag from smelling bad, and to prevent the bacterial growth that is caused by moisture.


Add a few silica packs to your toolbox to keep your tools from oxidizing, to keep them looking brand new.

Linen Closets

Yes, it is no secret that our bathrooms and linen closets stay somewhat moist. Simply stick a few packs in your linen space and keep it cool and dry!


Did you know that if you stick a dry razor in a sealed Tupperware container filled with silica gel packets it will keep your razors from dulling out too soon?


Sometimes people say to stick your phone in a bag of rice when you get it wet, but don’t waste the rice on your bacteria-ridden phone. Use a package of silica packs instead!


The best way to protect a journal or old photos, just stick silica packets in the box or between the pages, this will keep them dry and protected.

Foggy Windshield

Silica gel on top of your dashboard, and it will keep the fog away.

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