Write For Us

Our site accepts contributions in both written and video format from independent thinkers of all. We have a soft spot for boldness. Content can include, without limitation…


•non-fiction/fiction articles, stories, reviews, interviews with heart

•inspirational anything – pics, vids, whatever

•the way you see the future – in ANY AND ALL industries/businesses

•what’s happening next? Tell us

•poetry, short stories, real life events

•politics – left wing, right wing, lib, new wing

•nonfiction opinion articles on current events and political issues

•nonfiction historical narrative and reference

•journalistic viewpoints on political climate and current events

•book and film reviews

•fictional or allegorical content relating to political, historical or  current events (please ensure preface indicates fictional content)

• man-on-the-street or celebrity (local or national) interviews


As long as whatever you submit has a mix of heart and independent thought, we are game. We don’t care what age, color, creed you are – you have a gifted mind and we want to hear from it.


Email us directly at: writeforus@unitedstill.com