32 Things From Elementary School That Will Bring You Back

32 Things From Elementary School That Will Bring You Back

VIA BuzzFeed

Be prepared for some flashbacks to your elementary days!

1. Shooting up lead:

2. The most stressful two minutes of your young life:

3. The world’s best lunchtime dessert:

4. These sweet aromas:

5. Perhaps the world’s least functional erasers:

6. Your signature:

7. This myth:

8. Trying to push all four colors down at the same time:

9. Seeing this in a room and being instantly relieved:

10. Running away from wasps on these playgrounds:

11. Pizza in its purest form: rectangle.

12. Rippin’ and tearin’ on this bad boy:

13. Butt scootering ‘round the globe:

14. “I’ll wait”:

15. 80087355:

16. The best day of the year:

17. Or, actually, this was the best day of the year:

18. Marker battles:

19. Brownies from the great beyond:

20. Fooling around on this for as long as humanly possible:

21. Fighting intergalactic battles with math:

22. Colorful computers:


23. Impromptu sword fights:

24. Dropping this and having all your belongings explode across the room:

25. Completely disrupting the learning environment:

26. Stamp markers:

27. Going on a quest…WITH YOUR BRAIN:

28. Losing the tip of these and effectively rendering them useless:

29. Learning…WITH BLOCKS!

30. Secret correspondence:

31. Creating masterpieces:

32. And the four most beautiful words in the English language: “Heads down, thumbs up.”



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