The 12 suit Commandments

The 12 suit Commandments

You walk into your job interview or lunch meeting, what’s the first thing that happens? Judgment. Yes, the ever-biting b*#&^ that is the bride to human nature. According to Malcolm Gladwell’s “Blink” – our powerful brains analyze ALL the info it needs to judge someone in the first 30 seconds…. appearance, tone, posture, etc. . Although I can’t help you with that slouch in your sit from hours of Facebook and Twitter I can definitely give you some insight on how to rock that suit you haven’t touched since you’re college graduation and what to look for on your next budgeted shopping trip.  Here are the rules you should follow to help you kill that interview… drink with a client…. or next Friday night out.


1.  The width of your tie should match the width of your lapel

I’m not talking about breaking out the measuring tape but the two should be similar to the point that only trained eyes can notice.  Sounds tedious but the devil’s in the details.


2.  A pocket square, no exceptions

Your pocket square will separate you from all the other poorly dressed men that didn’t read this article, however it will make you or break you.  When it comes to squares make sure it doesn’t match your tie in patter OR fabric.


3.  Shoulders not shoulder pads

The most difficult thing to tailor on a suit are the shoulders.  With that said, keep in mind when buying a suit or pulling one off the hanger that the extra padding added to the shoulders on a suit aren’t there to stop Adrian Petersen on 4th down. Make sure your suit has a snug fit around the shoulders.


4.  Be mindful of the gap

When wearing suit that is not correctly tailored a gap will occur between the collar of your shirt and the lapel of your suit.  A gap will destroy you, avoid this at all cost…  Come on Yeezy you’re supposed to be setting an example here.


 5.  Black is for the dead

Its 2014 leave the all black suits for funerals.  Although you can still wear it since black is a classic color, heed my warning you WILL be wearing the same color suit as every other guy there.  Opt in for a shade of gray instead.


6.  Your belt does NOT have to match your shoes

Again we are in 2014 here.  The fashion industry moved past this a decade ago, you can too.


7.  Open to sit, Stand and close

Sounds simple right? Well you won’t believe the number of men who forget to open their suits as they’re sitting down and then don’t button them as they stand up.  Aside from doing major damage control to your suits and giving them a few more years of use, you’ll look fly and confident.


8.  And then there was One

That last button on your vest… yes, it stays open.  Always.  The last button on a vest is just for symmetry and does not actually get buttoned.  No exceptions.


9.  Size matters

Cuffs are always half an inch past your suit.  Any more than that and it will look like a wizard sleeve, any less and you’ll look like a toddler.


10.  Tie length

The good news is there is a correct tie length, the bad news is that it can’t be measured.  This is different to every individual but your tie should just be touching the waistband of your pants.  Notice a difference below?


11.  Wear long socks

I cannot stress this enough.  No one wants to see those hairy legs.



12.  Dad pants

Lastly, make sure your pants are properly hemmed.  They should just be just touching your shoes when standing up.  You don’t want to look like you’re wearing your father’s old suit pants.


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