20 Pictures That Prove Perfection Exists

20 Pictures That Prove Perfection Exists

VIA “pulptastic.com”

Nothing is perfect in this world they say. But THEY probably haven’t seen these photos yet. Welcome to the world of picture perfect photographs.

1. Folded snow. Don’t ask me how they did this.

Folded Snow

2. This kind of perfection can only be found in nature.

Natural Geometry

3. Shoes arranged in a circle to form the perfect circle.

Perfect Shoe Ring

4. A mother’s thumb fits perfectly into the bridge of her daughter’s nose–like pieces of the same puzzle.

The Wife's Thumb Fitting Perfectly In My Daughters Nose Bridge

5. Great tattoo idea? Just a perfectly geometrical cabbage.

Amazing Natural Geometry In Cabbage

6. Mr. Snake knows how to blend right in.

Tidy Snake

7. He’s reluctant to admit he did this.

The Pawshank Redemption

8. You’d think twice before taking one out.

You Win At Tetris

9. Pay your parking fee to nature.

Please Don't Let It Break!

10. Doesn’t look real but it is.

Icelandic Trip 2013

11. Somebody deserves to be employee of the month.


12. It’s more fun for keeping than throwing.

I Wouldn't Even Want To Throw It

13. Heart-shaped hug.

Sleepy Heart

14. You wouldn’t wanna throw these away.


15. Icing on the bench.

Don't Touch It!

16. You wish this would never melt.

Can't Eat, Too Perfect

17. A miniature version of perfection.


18. Tater Tots? More like Tetris Tots

Tetris Tater Tots

19. Someone has way too much time in their hands.


20. Spare the toppings, please!

Perfectly Topped Cheesecake

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