Staying in on a Friday night never felt so right (video)

Staying in on a Friday night never felt so right (video)

It’s Friday…. you aint got s@^* to do!

It’s 5PM, you’re bracing to battle the commute home and the feeling hits you… all you want to do is properly spruce your bed-heaven and watch Netflix until death do you part. Damn. It’s one of those nights where no real plans have been made so spending the night at weak bar and waking up hung-over is not in the cards. Call it a product of growth and maturity, call it a social impairment… it’s happening.

Your whole crew is going to be pissed. That chick you’ve so masterfully snap-chat seduced might be blowing you up in a few and normally you’d be amped…. but tonight, nah. So, take a nap until 9, play GTA ’til the frustration with your whiney boss dissipates,  get yo’ creep on social media and order your fave sandwich from the shop down the street.

Staying in has never so felt so right… or sounded so good. In the short music video parody above Staying In, by Lil Dicky… the Jewish rapper-type-artist out of PA rhythmically glorifies the art of the Friday night chill sesh. Potentially Weird Al’s Jewish uncle’s stepchild –  Dicky is absolutely hilarious, lyrically inclined, and will make you feel cool as hell about your secret admiration for all your awkward alone time idiosyncrasies.

Happy Friday, who knew laying in the crib would make a hit?

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