We Have The Power To Create Paradise On Earth

We Have The Power To Create Paradise On Earth

VIA The Mind Unleashed

Sopie McAdam, True Activist

In another creative and thought-provoking short film from esoteric vlogger ‘Revolution Love Evolve‘, one of Terence McKenna‘s most celebrated speeches is mixed with visuals to make a hard-hitting (but positive) point about the future of humanity.

Terence McKenna talks about perception, environmental destruction, culture, politics and inner spiritual work from a joint lecture with Rupert Sheldrake and Ralph Abrahm entitled ‘The Evolutionary Mind’.

“If we could feel what we were doing to the Earth, we would stop immediately,” the late philosopher says. “We have compartmentalized our lives and that allows us to do the lethal work that is destroying the planet.”

“You might search your own soul,” McKenna suggests, “and ask yourself: What obsession or interest of mine would contribute to the grand project of boundary disillusion?” It’s not culture, that’s for sure- McKenna isn’t a fan.

Love, on the other hand, is the way forward. “It’s not treacly, it’s not ‘woo woo’,” McKenna says:

“It’s a very practical matter that has thousands of expressions.We have the technologies and the informational structures to create paradise on Earth,” says McKenna. And the only thing stopping us is our own minds. “That is the most powerful political work we can do.”


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