Dolphins Demonstrate The Flower of Life In Action

Dolphins Demonstrate The Flower of Life In Action

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In this remarkable and heartwarming video, a camera-copter filmed a migration of dolphins swimming nearby Dana Point in Southern California. As they all move together, they are actually living and demonstrating the Flower of Life in action!

There’s a reason this video got 2 Million Views in just a week, and it’s not just because it’s an amazing sight. There is a much deeper meaning and message behind this video, and for the first time in human history, we have the opportunity to witness such a sight from our living rooms… (or literally ANYWHERE that you are!).

As you know, The Flower of Life is the pattern of Creation, and it represents far more than just that. See, the Flower of Life is a geometric representation of our connection to each other. It shows us that when we act in unison, when we understand that we are all One, we can do things together that have profound impacts on the world around us. The connection itself results in the manifestation of great dreams. 

Whether these dolphins knew it or not, they are having that very same impact on us as we watch this video.

Notice how they move. They are all moving as one like a flock of birds, their jumps in the water are all aligned with each other, especially in that first jump. They swim together as a family. It is this same very concept and message that we are striving to create through Spirit Science.

We are all One, and if we can learn to act like it, we begin to create pockets of transformation around the globe, then all of those pockets connect with each other and spirit friends and family can all come together as One.

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In addition to that, the video also shares a brief story of a whale & her newborn, playing, laughing, and just sharing a space of connection and love with each other. This is even further demonstration of the Flower of Life, more specifically, the Vesica Pisces.

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It’s funny, usually the ideas of “Drones” gets people on edge (we can thank the military for that), but in this case the Drone is actually a part of the appreciation of nature and the witnessing of something that most of us have never seen before…. I think that’s really incredible.

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