Kendall Jones – Animal Conservationist?

Kendall Jones – Animal Conservationist?

VIA Educate Inspire Change by Kasim Khan

Note from USTILL: Is Kendall Jones a conservationist as she claims? One must then ask, by reason, is Rambo a Pacifist?

Kendall Jones has drawn the ire of thousands with her Facebook photos showing her smiling alongside rare African beasts. Thousands of people have been showing their outrage at her antics but much of the backlash has been in the form of online bullying, which is why I have chosen to share this video from Erin Janus who has spoken out only against what Kendall does and refrained from attacking her personally. The video is well made and fact-based. Be sure to check it out below and please support our Educate Inspire Change page on Facebook for more truth on your feed everyday.:

Kasim Khan – Team EiC

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